Tips & Suggestions

The surest way to escape is by sharing clues you’ve uncovered. Communicate and work together to solve puzzles. If you discover new information, be sure everyone in the room knows about it.

Follow the rules. Your Game Master will review the rules of the game with you, such as:

  • There is no need to lift or move heavy objects.
  • Never force open items.
  • Cell phones, cameras, and other devices may never be used inside the rooms.

If you’re thinking about getting some drinks, please plan to do this after the game, not before. You’ll need those brain cells while you’re in the room!

PLEASE NOTE: If members of your group appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will not be allowed in the room. No refunds or exchanges will be given.

Plan to arrive early. If you arrive after your group’s orientation begins, you will not be allowed to participate. There are no refunds or exchanges so please allow extra time.

Escape Room Palm Springs recommends caution if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions; Claustrophobia, heart conditions, seizures, or any other similar ailments. Crouching, bending, or other physical movement may be required to access certain parts of our rooms. You are solely responsible for any related incidents that may occur.

If you want to download and fill out your waiver before you come, you can download it here.


Merlin's Magic School

Merlin's Magic School is in trouble. The entire school was accidentally cursed during a talent show, and only you and your team are able to save everyone by finding Merlin's hidden spell book. In this game you'll have to figure out what to do with magical objects, get help from a magical creature, and work your way into Merlin's secret study. What's in there? Only Merlin knows.

Vampire's Lair

In Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1690s, a man and a woman fall in love. But shortly before the wedding, the man finds a magic spell in his fiancée’s handwriting - the spell was to make him fall in love with her by unnatural means. He rejects her and calls off the wedding, calling her an evil witch. “I will show you an evil witch!” she vows, and turns him into a vampire, but that isn’t all: he finds his coffin impossible to open! Now it’s up to you and your team to uncover the secrets of their love affair and help the vampire reclaim his coffin.

The Locker Room

Trapped in an abandoned locker room, you and your team will battle wits with a sadistic serial killer. Uncover the fate of the prisoners captured before you and if you’re clever enough, maybe you’ll save more than just yourselves. In this game you’ll face both mental and physical challenges to test your mind and spirit.

Jack the Ripper

Transport yourself to the slums of Victorian London where you’ll help Scotland Yard solve the Jack the Ripper murders, hopefully without ending up as the next victim. You and your team will uncover evidence that will help you identify the killer as you work through the game. But if you think identifying the world’s most notorious serial killer will be simple, then you don’t know Jack.

Bank Heist

Your lookout has been casing Last National Bank for months. You and your crack team have been assembled to pull off this caper which will involve sneaking past the bank’s high-tech security, hacking your way into a computer, and working out and deciding how you’ll break into the vault. Your objective: Get as much loot as you can before the police come and spoil all the fun.


The “unsinkable” Titanic is going down. Fortunately, you overheard the captain speak of a hidden life boat at dinner. This may be construed as mutiny but you decide to gather your crew and work your way through Captain Smith’s cabin anyway. Discover what secrets Captain Smith has been keeping from the passengers and crew.

Reservations are required! Our hours vary for holidays and seasonal events. Please click the "book now" button at the bottom of our page to see room availability.

Our normal hours are:
Mon – 12pm-9:30pm
Tue – 12pm-9:30pm
Wed – 12pm-9:30pm
Thu – 12pm-9:30pm
Fri – 12pm-9:30pm
Sat – 12pm-9:30pm
Sun – 12pm-9:30pm

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Call or email for private event availability.

Please don’t be late. Our games run on a schedule so they have to start on time. And like a bus or train, once it leaves the station it’s gone. There are no refunds for late arrivals and no shows. We urge you to arrive about 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow time for a last-minute bathroom visit and parking.

Our Mystery Room is fun for all ages. A parent or guardian must be in the game room with players under 18.

Our escape rooms are not designed to be scary, rather they are thrilling, offering your group sights, sounds and challenges that promise to get your adrenaline going.

You can leave the game at any time by walking out the door. However, you may not re-enter the game room once you leave.

No. All of our games are private. Only you and your group will be in the room.

Dress comfortably. You'll be moving around a lot. You won't need to bring anything into the room except maybe your reading glasses.

Your game is monitored by your Game Master who can give you hints should you need them. He or she won’t let you get stuck on a puzzle for too long but they won’t give away answers either!

Yes! Our rooms are great for corporate team building and special events. Email us at or call 760-779-8888 for additional information.


Active Military, Police, & First Responders take 10% off your reservation! Call us at (760) 779-8888 for the promotion code. Thank you for your service!